Children with the Spy Camera go to Nursery

Children with the Spy Camera go to Nursery

I am shocked by the title,Children with the Spy Camera go to Nursery Articles as Spy Camera would usually relate to some special usage or places such as police investigating. Why the children would take the spy-camera to Nursery where is full with innocence and simple Relationship.

Shocked by the fact

The sun is shining brightly in the morning. Several children were surrounding a boy with a special necklace. At the beginning, teachers didn’t care about this thing, and thought children were just curious and enjoying themselves. Later, more and more children gathered together, and even disturbed the order of every class.

The teach let other children played games first and then took the boy to the other free classroom. The special necklace strongly drew her attention, especially the hole on the pendant of the necklace. It’s like the eye staring at her. The boy naively said, “My father hanged it to my neck this morning” In order to avoid the children gathering together again, teacher took off the special necklace and said to the boy, “Baby, how about we keep it for you and give it back to you after class? “Afternoon, the principle of nursery came back and found it is the Spy camera sold online.

All the daily life was recorded.

The principle of nursery found the professional compute expert to read the dates and images by special decoder. The Video recorded the whole period of the boy’s daily life. All the teachers and principle were angry; the boy’s parents strongly hurt them. His father came to the office of principle, apologized for his activity and said,” He is my only son, this is just for his safety and avoiding the accident” Is it impossible for his son to have some accident in the nursery? At last, the father together with his son left this nursery and never came back. In the following, there is another rule added in the nursery—how to recognize the spy camera with children. It was reported by the newspapers, the principle of the nursery said to the journalist, “We are all angry with the mistrusting and suspicion”

Background: Someone even recoded the teacher violence by video

The journalist visited several families and got several different ideas for this thing. 80% of parents are worried about that the teachers would beat their children or treat them badly. They are busy with their works; they really want to know what’s going on with their child in the nursery after work, as most of them even can’t speak. For the other hand, some newspapers have reported that the children were kicked by their children, which was accidentally recorded by the parents with the spy camera.Therefore, some parents would prefer to buy the 針孔攝影機 Spy cameras to inspect their children in the nursery. It is hard for the nursery to find them, as there are many different kinds of types, such as Lighters, pens, car keys, matchboxes, watches, neckties, mobile phones, MP3 and so on. Some would choose from the store nearby, but it would be cheaper on line.

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This thing is currently in a legal vacuum

The lawyer in a law Firm accepted the interview and said the spy camera, pinhole camera and other inspection materials flow into market, which would bring potential damage to public. But at present, the law has the related restriction towards to the users and holder except the manufacturer. So it is in a legal vacuum.

The whole thing drew high attention in public and media. The parents send children with spy camera to nursery, which shows the crisis of trust and the moral lack. Thus people can’t trust each other. it is wrong for the parents to inspect the daily life of their children in nursery. Just as the counselor suggested, ” It would be better, if the nursery could take pictures or videos of the children in daily life. This would help the parents to know their children better and avoid the unnecessary worry and suspicious.

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